Monday, January 11, 2010

Due to some technical difficulties here at Camp Linger & Quiet, part II of the mix series from last month is on hold. However, we were lucky enough to play host to the unstoppable Miracles Club (Rafael Fauria and Honey Owens) at NIGHTCLUBBING last weekend, and they brought the house down with their wicked blend of spacey vocals and spiky acid lines...and they have been kind enough to hand over the recording of the live show!

Honey and Raf show up with massive amounts of hardware, and play their echoing refrains on a spread like none other, and the atmosphere goes simply electric. Crowds go nuts for these guys! Listen closely for Honey's shout out to the Portland Trail Blazers who had just smashed the LA Lakers, it was a good night in Portland all around.

Keep your eyes peeled for a 12" and an album coming from these two later in the year. You can also check out Honey and Raf's new blog here for cool new (and old) music and general cool stuff for daytrippers.



UPCOMING: Also, swing by everyone's favorite neighborhood bar Valentine's on January 21st for a laid back L&Q set. 10- late, see you there!

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