Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Linger & Quiet #2

Holger Czukay- Ode To Perfune (EMI)
Dam Funk- Sunset (Stones Throw)
Change- Got To Get Up (Atlantic)
PTV- White Nights (CBS)
TVP- Family Affair (Fire)
Pearls Before Swine- (Oh Dear) Miss Morse (ESP)
Thomas Brinkmann- Karin 1 (Ernst)
The Other People Place- Sorrow and A Cup Of Joe (Clone)
Larry Heard- Balance (Deeptec)
Prosumer- Brownstone Mix 2 (Running Back)
Tom Trago & San Proper- Catepillar Butter Plus (Rush Hour)
Marquese- Filter Tool (love letters from Oslo)
Omar S- Set It Out (FXHE)


PS. Saturday night Eric Duncan will be here!! He is one half of Rub N Tug and one half of Still Going, so come see us boogie down post-holiday style at 440 NW Glisan Street on Saturday night. Starts at 10, goes late. Bring the dancin'est shoes you got!

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